The MakeWavesMusic Team

There are so many of us behind the scenes at MakeWavesMusic that make this all possible!


Robert bruning



Omeed AlmasSI


Omeed Almassi came into the AMPA program halfway through his freshman year. He started by taking the "Intro to Music Technology" class, along with being in the advanced orchestra. With a background in classical music (cello being his main instrument), he offers an elaborate skill set professionally and musically. Omeed has been involved with some of the best classical music environments. He has attended the Colburn School, located in Downtown, Los Angeles since he was 3 years old. He is currently in the Colburn Youth Orchestra and studies with one of the best Cellists in the world, John Walz. He also has experience in several studios. Furthermore, he has been trained in and explored with many different genres and instruments. He has had his eye on the "Music Industry" class since the very beginning. He strives to be a musician but believes that it is essential to know what goes on behind the scenes. He hopes to one day make music a lifestyle for himself and he definitely would like to be as independent as possible.


Shea Hanke


Shea Hanke is a junior in high school who has wanted a career in music for as long as she can remember. Growing up around the music industry, Shea spent her young years in recording studios and attending concerts when she wasn’t singing, or playing guitar and piano. As a session singer, she has performed on a number of television commercials as well as the opening song for the movie, The Time Capsule. She currently attends Hamilton’s AMPA, working with Make Waves Records as President, a Web Designer, and part of the Music Industry and Media team. Shea is grateful to have had the amazing opportunity to be one of ten students in the nation to attend Grammy Camp Summer of 2018 in the Music Industry track. She is doing everything she can to gain experience that will help her in forging a pathway into the industry as a career.


Brandon ramirez


Brandon Ramirez, born 2003, is a Latino-American composer, conductor and flutist. Brandon has written music for a wide array of groups such as chamber groups and orchestras to different forms of media including short films, spoken word and theater. His music has its roots in neo-impressionism and experimentalism. Although he has a strong basis in the sphere of classical music many of Brandon’s ventures are in the realm of jazz and world music as well as electronically created music and soundscapes. He has also conducted and managed various chamber groups inside and out of AMPA. Now Brandon is part of MakeWavesMusic with experience as a creative manager and personnel coordinator as well as being part of the record label team as assistant web designer. Brandon is also the Principal Flute with the Hollywood Youth Orchestra and the Second Flute of the AMPA Philharmonic. Ecstatic to be a part of the new MakeWavesMusic team, he is always ready to take on any challenge with a smile.


mayalani Govan


Mayalani Govan is mainly a recording artist and producer. She plays the guitar, ukelele, french horn, piano and bass. Her goal with music is for people to relate, and ultimately for music to help them. Right now, she works in recording club/with MakeWavesMusic to help people who need information in the marketing and merchandise areas of the music industry. Here’s how she got there. Throughout her childhood, she’d be around vinyl records and her father, who plays the bass. Music was sacred to her and to her family growing up, and she’d always have her mp3 player and headphones with her. Her main musical inspirations were Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, the smiths, The Cure, Adele, Amy Winehouse, and the Jackson 5. She started writing music when she was in 3rd grade. In 2010, she joined YOLA at Expo. At YOLA, she learned music theory, sight reading, musicianship, technique, music appreciation, and how to sing. She performed several times in orchestras, quartets, duets, and mostly solo. She played not only at Walt Disney concert hall, but also once at the Hollywood Bowl with Journey! Through all of this, she learned how to persevere and how to always keep music in mind. She left YOLA in 2016. Since then, she’s improved her skills in audio engineering, producing, and songwriting.




Born June 8, 2002, Calah McGraw-- the glitter enthusiast-- spent most of her childhood in the performing arts background. With close eyes on her family members involved in the music industry and attending several musical/theatre programs, this young girl always had a dream to shine. In and out of music and acting classes, she dedicated herself to music, acting, helping others, and bettering herself. She became heavily involved in Harmony Project where she would soon spend most of her time learning music, engaging leadership skills, touring, performing, making friends and assisting. She hopes to grow in her music and leadership skills so she can apply them to her future job as a singer or musical therapist.


Kin Carder

Kín Carder is an up and coming artist, actor, and videographer. Kín grew up around very creative and artistically diverse people which in turn inspired him to share his own creativity. He currently writes his own music, produces and edits his own visual creations, and voice acts on various projects. Kín has experience in DAW’s such as Ableton Live 9, Pro Tools, Logic, and Auxy. Kín also has experience in editing programs such as Sony Vegas Pro, Enlight Videoleap, Photoshop, and Enlight Photofox. Currently in the MakeWavesMusic record label he is a videographer and soon to be artist.


Nakhjavani Heath

Currently attending at Hamilton High School, Nakh Heath is figuring out the world of music. He is musically inclined due to his entire HUGE family being musically inclined as well. His father Jamey, is a successful musician that taught Nakh everything he knows about music. Being that he was surrounded by music his entire life, the idea of a music industry class intrigued him. Before Nakh began school at Hamilton, he heard about the program through his cousins, and they were both in AMPA. After hearing all about it, Nakh couldn't wait to apply. Nakh has the experience with instruments and a talented voice. He has been playing the guitar and piano for a LONG time. If Nakh had a role in the Music Waves business, it would be Songwriting. Music is something that has changed Nakh's life and continues to. He will always be a part of that life!


Johanna Hinojosa Bautista

Johanna Hinojosa Bautista is a junior in the AMPA program in Alexander Hamilton Highschool. She was born in Los Angeles, California in 2002. She grew up with creative people, which led her to pursue the entertainment industry and later, the music industry. She followed her older sister into the AMPA program in Alexander Hamilton High School. She entered the Music Industry and Media class through the natural progression of the Music technology major. She is still unsure if she wants to truly pursue the music industry, but will try to participate nonetheless. Although she has little to no experience, she would like to be able help the label in the legal field.


Julia Maldonado


Julia Maldonado is a junior music academy student/performer at Hamilton High School. She has been performing since she was eleven years old and has been in twenty shows. In her freshman year she represented Hamilton at the National Shakespeare competition in which she performed a monolgue from Julius Caesar. She is a dancer, singer, and beginning pianist in the AMPA program and is very excited to now be part of MakeWavesMusic. She hopes to expand her photography skills by being a photographer/videographer. She is also very excited to learn how to write songs, which has always been a dream of hers.


ZINZo dlavana

A diamond in the rough and an ever so perfectionist, Zinzo Dlavana is an honors student at Hamilton Senior High School who is currently working his way through the ranks in AMPA as a manager for the MakeWavesMusic company, hoping to become an artist in the near future. Born in Inglewood, California to South-African immigrant parents hailing from the Cape of Good Hope, Zinzo’s musical palate is one of great eclecticism. He was brought up around music his entire life and his tastes range from all aspects of jazz and R&B to classical music, (particularly the compositions of the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) down to the timeless pieces of the unparalleled Motown thru Soul Train era, and even occasionally taking a dip into the mutating pool of psychedelic rock. An LA-based musician and producer himself, Zinzo is heavily influenced/inspired by the culture of Hip-Hop and is a self-proclaimed “student of the game,” striving to one day be sealed into history as not only one of the greatest Hip-Hop Artists of all-time, but one of the greatest musicians of all-time. He dabbles into mostly any instrument he can find, acquiring a love for the drums since the early age of 2, and has been in as well as organized countless music groups of all genres. Singing, Rapping, Producing, Acting, Writing, and Performing are all in his repertoire of talent and the uniqueness of his upbringing bleeds throughout his music profusely. Zinzo is a producer and artist for an up and coming Hip-Hop conglomerate known as BLACKHEART MAFIA and is also side-working with a few artists of alternating genres.