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About Us

MakeWavesMusic started as a small idea from a hope to unite Hamilton High School as a community. Over time it has grown to be much more. In early 2014 we were a nameless after-school club for curious students from our Academy of Music and Performing Arts magnet and our Business and Integrated Technology Academy. By the fall our little club was adopted and evolved into a class that will soon be given a newly-approved title in our district’s catalog of courses. The Business of Music course is where basic understanding of the music industry will continue to be taught through student research and accounts from experienced visiting professional musicians, engineers, and producers.

Now, in our fourth year, Make Waves Music is gearing up to release for sale new music of some really terrific student artists. Make Waves Music gives musicians from Hamilton High School the tools they need to safely become self-sufficient and truly independent artists. We give them recording studio experience. We show them how to register copyrights and to purchase and use licenses to their advantage. We teach them how we sell their recordings and how they are connected to a collection system to be paid for the playing of their tracks. By starting with us, our artists learn how to manage their own business better than a record label or publisher will promise to. Because our headquarters is on the campus of a nationally-renowned music school, every school year will bring fresh talent into our stable. While we are about the business of bringing new music into the world, we also teach our artists self-reliance, in order to allow them to manage themselves without the need for a record label, what to expect in a good contract, and, effectively, how to not need us to succeed!