the first…

EQUINOX took place on April 5 2019, it was the wildly successful inaugural concert for MakeWavesMusic.

The event brought in over 400 attendees and showcased 16 of AMPA’s most talented contemporary performers.

The road to putting on a successful show was long and hard 4 months of intense meetings and rehearsals but it was done with the help of our extraordinary student administrators, event planners, engineers and musicians!

This year’s artist roster was…

Andre Hustace


Kelsey Kelly

Treniece Mone

Kinneret Klein

Eva Hochhaus

Henry McKenzie

Omeed Almassi

Abby Ross

Joie-May Silvers

Kayori Hofschneider

Calah McGraw

Amir Muhammad

Jermaine McClellan

Fatima Martinez

So much work goes into this event and we strive to continue to put out the best music, through all mediums, for many years to come.

MakeWavesMusic is working around the clock to make sure that the next EQUINOX of young artists can emerge into the new business with a full understanding of how it works.

Check our gallery page to see photos from EQUINOX 2019

Please check back here to see dates for the next EQUINOX soon!