MakeWavesMusic Artist Audition Application Stage 1


Here’s how the audition process works! You’ll fill out this form, including a video submission. This video is not your final audition, but it’s a second piece that we’ll have welcome to us while we’re auditioning you all. In this form, please indicate what days of the audition schedule work for you.

Once you submit this, you’ll be called in for an audition. The day of your audition, you must arrive exactly on time— if you are late, you will have to reschedule. If you have to cancel your audition time, please let us know at least 45 minutes before your scheduled time.

Once you are in the room, you will have 3-4 minutes to show us what you got! Know that we will cut you off if you run over, as we have many auditions to get through and a tight schedule. After your audition, you will be hearing from us very soon with your results. Everyone will receive their results through the email address you provide here.

Ready to begin? Fill out this form, please! When you’re done, watch the video below for some helpful audition tips!